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About Me

Loren Moulton is a Bozeman, Montana based Director of Photography with over twenty years experience in Vérité documentary and sports action film. He most recently worked as Director of Photography with MeatEater Inc. and Warm Springs Productions on the Mountain Men Series. During this time, he held a 18 year Sales and Marketing Representative position at Big Sky Brewing Co.

Loren’s expertise in branding, content creation and video production make him a valuable asset to any company looking to enhance their media presence and engage with their audience. Loren’s career goals revolve around utilizing his skills as a photographer and marketer to help companies grow and succeed. 

With a strong passion for creating engaging and visually appealing content, Loren is seeking opportunities in roles such as Director of Photography, Producer, or Marketing Coordinator. His experience in both sales and marketing, as well as technical skills in video production, make him a versatile and well-rounded professional in the media industry.

PO BOX 6211
BZN MT 59717